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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4 More days until schools out!!!

Yahooo!!!  Love the summer time off with my kids!  Looking forward to a nice break from our busy routines.  Time to take advantage of the lazy days of summer :)  Of course the dreaded sibling fighting will ensue....but I'm going hardcore on them this summer..we'll see how it goes and I'll keep you posted.
What I've been up to lately!  Always stitching something.  I just finished this cute little vintage cottage pattern that I found in the Vintage Hoop Love flicker pool.  Love all the flowers, it's happy and cheery.
This lettering was my first attempt at any kind of cross stitch....wow much more difficult then I thought!

I made my first Sprocket pillow!!  I found a super easy tutorial here:

I added this cute ribbon, like a little tag:)  This pillow is for my daughter.  But I am
also making one now for my living room sofa.

I just started stitching on this vintage peacock pattern last night.  I just love this pattern.
I found it in the Vintage Hoop love flicker pool as well.

My daughter and I made some fun signs for the garden!!

Well I have an up date on my poor baby chicken Cornflake and her injured foot (she's on the left).  Well I am sooooo pleased and thankful to say she is recovering nicely!!!  Hardly limps at all now.

This is their coop.  They seem to really enjoy it!

My garden is so happy right now and blooming like crazy!

My pumpkin patch is doing it's thing:)

We had squash with dinner last night!

Green beans are happy too.
We have had the craziest weather here in Northern California this year!  Very cold and wet, this is not typical!!  Usually our weather is hot and dry.  But the garden is happy with all this moisture and I haven't had to water at all.  So that's it for now!  Have a fantastic week :))