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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Working my fingers to the bone♥

 Well hello! I've been stitching and sewing my buns off.  I'm loving it!  A craft show in the near future....3 weeks.  I make these little stitched and stuffed Christmas ornaments.  They have a theme, vintage or things inspired by the past.  Be it old embroidery patterns or things that trigger old memories.  Well they just make me smile.  Like little jewels, colorful and nostalgic.

Rotary telephone, mason jar, and vintage embroidery pattern-adorable strawberry.

 I can not leave out the cassette tapes, jam jars and the VW bug.  What makes you nostalgic?

 My love of things old fashioned runs deep.  I came across this adorable mustache fabric on Etsy.  I love it.  I was sure that I would for some reason not sell this purse and keep it for my very own.  Not the case.  It sold with in 24 hours.  Wowza! I'm making another.....to keep or not to keep.  I think I shall just by more fabric just in case :)

 Making my purses on the large side because that's how I like mine!  More room for everybody else's crap!!
Oi!  I did not notice the dried up piece of cereal on my bum in this pic!  lol!
 Working on some fall inspired stuff for my show.  Pillow owls, pumpkins etc. 
Back to purse making and ornament stuffing......little moments stuffed in between the most important and lovely family moments which take up a lot more pieces of the pie♥

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