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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back in the groove of things!

Well hello there!  How was your summer break?  My kids are back in school (me: jumping for joy!), and I have reclaimed my computer and creative space.  I did not create that much this summer feeling stifled by my lovely children and their summer time agendas.  So I went with it, did not put up a fight.  We had a great summer break.  My son actually said, "This was the best summer ever mom!". We camped and visited the ocean.  There we many sleep overs and visits to any vicinity that holds water which they could swim in.  Now I'm trying to get inspired again!  I'm not having hard time with this at all :) 

Capitola, Ca - Our trip to the ocean!

Lots of movies under the stars this summer :)

Camping lakeside with lots of fishing and rafting as well as sun soaking and hiking.

Feeding a few million geese.

I've been making Kindle/E-reader covers!  
I love the Melody Miller typewriter fabric!

I made my daughter this exact cover for her Kindle, so cute.  I love the farm girl fabric!
Well I hope you have a great week and I will be staying in touch a little more often now!

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