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Friday, October 19, 2012

Taking Inventory

Looking at my shop today and noticing I'm low on inventory!  Time to start taking some pictures and listing new items.  Time to put some stuff on clearance too!!  Now only if the sun would come out so I could take some decent pictures.  I was working on the last of my owl pillows last night in fall-ish colors.
I've been stitching up a bunch of new eyeglass/sunglass pouches.  They are ready for beads and assembly.  What about this cute gal...
She is a very small version of a pillow I've done before.  Another craft fair approaching, I'm trying to stock up on ornaments.  I am loving the fall weather.  Our leaves are dropping like crazy now.
Kids are all about Halloween costumes. Does your family have any fall traditions?  We are shaking things up this year and doing things a little different.  Kids are getting older and some places we usually visit for fall fun are just to popular.....to many people and lots of traffic.  So here's to doing things a little different :)  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What a Wonderful Experience!

Craft fair low down!
Me on the left and my Sis in-law (angel♥) on the right.
Our day started at 3:45am....yes am. Geesh.
But us girls were ready for adventure and were up for what ever, ready to have fun and enjoy this new experience together.
We had to be on site at 5:00am.  Tons of vendors, 200 or more.

We had loads of coffee!  And got to work.  Set up was a breeze, thankfully there were many volunteers to help unload.  Once the canopy (aka: pain in the a$$) was up, we were golden.
I got to work!

I met so many lovely vendors!  The talent was amazing at this craft fair.  I was a little intimidated walking around checking out other crafters works of art.  But the people came and they bought! And they bought my stuff?!??  Wow!
It was only my second craft fair.  My confidence has increased and I applied for another fair.
I love to create, to be able to sell my goods is a bonus!  So the circle of creating and selling and enjoying continues.....