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Monday, February 28, 2011

My finished apron!!

     So excited to share with you (is anyone reading this???....) my finished apron!  I stitched my buns off all weekend and I think these little dishy vintage patterns turned out pretty cute.  You just cannot smile looking at this apron.  I mean really, look at their faces.

Look at these guys go will ya......

My favorites are the silverware.
I little waistline embellisment. 

Over all I added some fabric to the ties, the edge of the apron, pockets and waistline.
If you look at the previous blog entry, it was just a complete white apron.

Oh yes and these pockets...let me tell you that I'm quite proud
of them and even lined them too.

Well thanks for stopping in and taking a little looksy at my dishy apron!  It was fun.  I think I'm going to leave it on my pantry door for awhile to enjoy it :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Sublime Stitching apron that I'm going to embroider with these cute vintage patterns!

I've had this apron for awhile, you can find one here www.sublimestitching.com .
So I chose some of the characters off these cute vintage patterns from Stitchado and doecdoe to embroider on to the apron!

I made my own Mr. Saucer to go with the teacup.

And I made my own Mr. Plate too.
My placement, these little guys just make me smile!
Ironed on and ready to stitch!  I might also embellish the ties and add some pockets.
This is what I'm doing this weekend!  Happy stitching!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring ya'll!

     Well this is my very first blog post!  I'm very excited about this and have been inspired by so many other bloggers.  I only hope that I can someday become as creative and clever.  Lots happening around our house as spring approaches.  Our chickens are laying again! Woot woot!  And the husband has built me 2 new raised garden beds, which will make 6 total veggie beds now!  We are Suburban farmers, and just make due with what we have.  It's small but it's ours and we love our little spot in this world.
This is our little coop that houses 4 of our ladies.  My husband did a great job!
We free range our ladies during the day and lock them up at night.  They get plenty of sunshine, grass and bugs!
These are them ;)  Taking a dirt bath.

My daughter Hanna is in love with these birds.  We call them pets with benifits....eggs...or and ah fertilizer!

I too love them.  And they have inspired me in a crafty way as well.
I printed a black and white image of Peeper on fabric.  Then embellished it with
embroidery.  The flowers are from a Sublime Stitching pattern "Flower power".

Recently, like yesterday, I finished making these cute little chicken plushies.

Made 10, boy these little suckers were a lot of work.  I think I'm going to make
a spring wreath out of them.