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Monday, September 26, 2011

What I did this weekend!

I made some "Whimsy girl" ornaments this weekend!  I just love this embroidery pattern.  I use this teacup girl as my Etsy avatar.  So cute!  And now voila, ornaments.  These were so fun to make.  Now I'm dreaming up other ornament ideas.  I love the idea of ornaments being things vintage inspired.  So as my family lounged around on Sunday and watched Star Wars on Blu-ray, I watched too......while stitching of course.

Cute prints on the back.

My ladies checking out some stitchy goodness!

Have a fantastic week!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Still waiting!

     I'm still waiting for heavens sake!  I applied for a sellers permit a couple weeks ago.  Hoping to try my hand at a craft show for the first time.  I just don't think it's going to happen.  My stuff just looks cuter in person.  I think I would be more successful doing a craft show once or twice a year.  I've been hesitating to put new items in my Etsy shop thinking the permit will magically appear in the mail.  I just can't keep waiting. I'm still trucking though.  I've been busy making and creating new things.  Trying to stay inspired and not be to critical of my work.  Sometimes I just set things aside and then look at them the next day with fresh eyes.  I painted this owl with water color  awhile back.  I drew it first as a pattern to stitch.  Well I finally stitched this cutie up.  I just love him!

I started fiddling around making wine cozies.  Put the owl on one, it turned out so cute.  This picture of a wine cozy is my first attempt, so its pretty wonky.  I couldn't live without this guy any way :)
So I've started some different variations and patterns with these cozies.  It's been fun and will be listing some soon in my Etsy shop www.vintageandwhimsy.etsy.com .

vintage wine glass pattern

wine barrel cozy

 I've also stitched a couple of wall art hoops.  A vintage style mason jar.  I love this!

"Be Tidy" inspirational quote!
 I've also made a couple of ruffle pouch combos.  This one will be called "Pretty in pink"  Listing soon!
Love the hounds tooth pattern fabric.
So I'm going to get back to work!  I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blue egg!! ♥

Well hello there!  Just wanting to share some exciting and not so exciting news.  First the exciting!  Our littlest hen Blossom layed her first blue egg!!  Just so pretty and a surprise.  I knew that she would lay greenish or blueish eggs but, I didn't think she would start laying until the end of September.  So it caught me a little of guard.  It's like Easter :)

Today I've been getting myself organized!  Printing more business cards and cutting them out.  Do you prefer to make your own or do you buy them?  I've been thinking about ordering some but not sure where to start. 
I also stamped out thank you cards and put ribbon on them.  Getting my shipping stuff organized and stocked.

I'm using this cute vintage pyrex butter print dish to store my business and thank you cards.  Sure makes me feel more creative when I'm surrounded by things that make me happy!

Well this was just a quick post!  Hope your all having a great week.  It sure is flying by!

Monday, September 5, 2011

This and That

     Hello!!  I hope you all are having a fantastic 3 day weekend!  It's been a nice escape to our new busy back to school fall time schedule.  Last week flew by so fast!  But when things slow down and I get everything organized around the house (that's code for cleaned), I feel like that's when I can cultivate my creativity and brain storm ideas.  Nothing I love more than waking up with an idea and excitement to put that new idea into motion.  I have to start with an organized environment.  Other wise I am distracted by what needs to be done to get my house in order.  Well yesterday was productive.  I woke up with an idea and put it in to motion.  I've been making sunglasses and eyeglass pouches.  I came up with a new spin on them.

I love the look of cross stitch!!  It's so charming.  This mint green fabric is so cute.  One of my favorites.

I love how it turned out.  Wasn't to sure about the appliqued cherries in the beginning.  But once you iron those sticky suckers on, your kind of committed to the idea.  So I went for  it!