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Monday, September 5, 2011

This and That

     Hello!!  I hope you all are having a fantastic 3 day weekend!  It's been a nice escape to our new busy back to school fall time schedule.  Last week flew by so fast!  But when things slow down and I get everything organized around the house (that's code for cleaned), I feel like that's when I can cultivate my creativity and brain storm ideas.  Nothing I love more than waking up with an idea and excitement to put that new idea into motion.  I have to start with an organized environment.  Other wise I am distracted by what needs to be done to get my house in order.  Well yesterday was productive.  I woke up with an idea and put it in to motion.  I've been making sunglasses and eyeglass pouches.  I came up with a new spin on them.

I love the look of cross stitch!!  It's so charming.  This mint green fabric is so cute.  One of my favorites.

I love how it turned out.  Wasn't to sure about the appliqued cherries in the beginning.  But once you iron those sticky suckers on, your kind of committed to the idea.  So I went for  it!

     Yesterday I was looking up wallet tutorials.  I want to make myself a small fabric wallet.  There are some great tutorials out there!  While surfing I spotted an oil cloth tutorial!!!!!!!!!  I've always been curious about oil cloth.  Is it difficult to sew on?  Is it toxic?  Do I need a special needle?  I've even asked the girl at the craft supply store about how difficult it is to work with.  So I was very excited to come across this cute blog by Modern June; www.ModernJune.blogspot.com
She does some really cute stuff with oil cloth and she has a book coming out too!

So you know I had to order it!  I'm really excited to dive into to this book and try making something with oil cloth!  I wanted to share this fun new find with you guys :))  So I'm giddy about this books arrival.  Hopefully I will be sharing a project made from this book with you all sooooon!!!  Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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