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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A new bag for Me!

     I have been making lots of bags/purses lately.  I call my purses, bags or totes because I make them a little on the larger side.  They are not so dainty.  Well I finally got around to making myself a new purse!  I've been sitting on this fabric for awhile, waiting to be inspired.  Well it has finally happened.  I sketched out the shape and and got to cutting and finally sewing. Here it is! What do you think?!

Echino fabric, strappy part is chocolate linen.

 I am excited and proud *_* of this project.  I will be fine tuning my pattern and make another to sell with the extra fabric. Some other fun gal purses below embellished with a bow.  What do you prefer, magnetic snap or a Velcro closure?  Magnetic snaps look nicer, but I always feel for fabric purses they are to magneticky?!  When ever opening the magnetic snap, I sometimes feel like I'm gonna rip the fabric or pull the snap off.  I'm easy and just prefer Velcro. 

    Hope your having a great week!  Back to sewing!

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