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Thursday, May 26, 2011

May Stitchalong fun!!!

How cute is this pattern for the May Stitchalong from the Feeling Stitchy website!!?  You can find the pattern here and look at other peoples stitchy works: www.feelingstitchy.com/2011/05/may-stitchalong-week-2.html
I stitched this on my daughters pillow case.  She adores this little couple:)  Her favorite part of the work is the strawberry that is made of french knots.

Life on my little suburban farm is unsettled right now.  What was I thinking adding
two new baby chicks to the flock.  Well we found a free coop on craigs list.  Quite excellent.  So my hubby is getting it all fixed up for the girls.
One of the babies has hurt her leg some how (the black and white one).  She has been limping around since Monday.  She shows no signs of improvement, although she hops around fine and gets plenty of food and water.  I'm still worried.  She is such a sweet bird♥  Pic of my daughter getting her full dose of chicken love!

This is a picture of my first embroidery project, age 11.

 Kinda of fun to look back on this and see where it all started!  My mom's friend taught and guided my with this.  I think I should do something like this with my daughter. 
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend :))

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