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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cr♥ss Stitch on Wood!

I've been feverishly trying to get crafts finished up, inventoried and priced.  Very excited for my first craft fair this Friday!!!  In preparation I wanted to make a sign with my shop name.  I wanted something different, so my sweetie pie husband drilled all these darn holes for me so I could cross stitch part of the sign.  A fun project.  Note for next time, paint first then drill so holes don't swell and then have to be re-drilled....

I appliqued some letters and ironed on my little vintage tea cup head gal!  This sign is very whimsical :)
So as the date approaches I know that I will be more prepared!  I will be sure to take lots of pictures of my booth.  My little dolly is making stuff for the booth too!  Check out this super cute snowman holding the bunting.  Man he is cute. 

Have a great week!

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  1. OH MY GOD! That sign turned out SUPER CUTE. I can't wait to see pictures of it hanging. I fell in love! It's such a great idea.