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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lovey dovey...romantical...springy stuff

What I'm working on right now.  Thinking of all things springy and romantical.  Probably not a real word ....romantical.  It fits though.  So I'm getting ready to stitch this up.  I used vintage fabric, jean material and muslin for the hands.  This hoop was inspired by a real photo.  Spring works well with my style.  I love using bright pastels and vintage floral fabrics.  I just applied for another craft fair for the spring time.  Crossing fingers and toes.  Waiting to see if the jury picks me.  I hope so, I like have a goal to work towards, a mission of sorts.

 Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!!  Hope to share my finished romantical hoop with you next week!

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