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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A bunting we will go!!

     Wow spring is finally hitting my neighborhood!!  The rain has finally stopped and trees are getting ready to
burst with blooms and leaves.  Yesterday I actually got work done in the back yard and mowed the lawns.
Cleaned off the patio of sticks and leaves.  I hope sometime this week I can make it over to the nursery to buy some veggie plants and some annuals for my empty pots on the patio.  We just added to our family two baby Ameraucana chicks.  These birds will eventually lay greenish blue eggs.  It takes about 4 months of maturity before a hen will start to lay.  So I'm thinking August.  Our other hens lay lovely shades of brown eggs, sometimes flecked.  So here they are Blossom (left) and Cornflake on the right.

Our dog Coco is like a hovering Mom over these new little ones.

Here are some Scandinavian Stitches inspired houses I did.  These are a lot of fun to
make and easy.

And another napkin done.  My first time really attacking the satin stitch
the proper way.  This pattern was fun because of all the different layers and
types of stitches I could do.

While waiting for spring to finally show up!  This weekend I made this bunting w/bright springy
colors and floral prints.  It now hangs in my living room over the windows.  I meant
for it to go outside, but I may have to make another one for out there.

And for my daughter a bunting as well :)  I couldn't resist.  There are
so may cute fabrics that I could do in her room.
Have a lovely week!


  1. Have fun in your garden,....greenish blue eggs must be really pretty!
    Very cute projects, the embroidery lovely and the houses and bunting as well!
    That is giving me ideas now :-). Perhaps embroidering cute motifs in every other flag/triangle... hmmm.

  2. Thanks!! Embroidered motifs on the flags would be really cute! :))

  3. Thanks! I love stitching those suckers :)