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Monday, March 7, 2011

Things I'm working on and thinking about!

Well hello there!  I had a nice quiet weekend with lots of crafting opportunities.  The best kind right!?
I finished the fox, he's very distinguished looking I must say.  A Sublime Stitching pattern you can find at www.sublimestitchng.com.  It went quickly surprisingly and next I'm going to get started
on the kitty.

I just love the flower in her hair and the broach.  This will be fun to stitch!

Also my daughter and I made this cute mouse pin cushion this weekend.  A spur of the moment
thing.  How cute is this little mouse.  A quick project, I downloaded for free from www.bustleandsew.blogspot.com .

Also, look at this fun Koi fish flag!!  I just love these fish and I found a fun pattern to make these

This green guy is still in progress!  I want to make a bunch of colors and
hang them around.

I'm really excited for spring!!  My garden beds are waiting to be planted and I am ready to plant them!

My husband just built me these two new beds!!  There used to be a huge playset here, but
the kiddos just didn't play on it any more.  Soooooo  now I have more garden space.

And some more beds a little closer to the house.  Everything always looks so blah this time of year!

This Clematis vine is happy though!  And it smells soooooooo good!  I couldn't have picked a better place to plant it......next to the chicken coop.  This plant was worth every penny I tell ya.  I'm pretty cheap but I paid $24.99 on this sucker and I was sweating it.  But I'm really glad I did now.  It's fast growing and the blooms are wonderful.
Fluffy chicken butts, gotta love them!
I will hopefully be shoveling a lot dirt next weekend into my new
garden beds!  Yippee for me!  Have a great week!

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