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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I've gone crafty crazy!!

    I mean how many craft projects do I need to have going on at once!  Currently I'm working on 2 different projects.  But I also have projects that are only partially finished, stuff that I lost steam on and will hopefully get back to.  Not to mention a list of ideas and my hoarding of supplies for future projects. It all started last August.....my husband bought me a sewing machine for my birthday.  And ever since I have gone crafty crazy.  I am so excited about all different types of art....embroidery (my first love♥), sewing (complete beginner), mixed media, collage.......I'm making oven pads for heavens sake.  Well I tell ya I am so inspired by other crafter's blogs and I'm learning soooo much from them.  It's nice to have a creative outlet and the feeling of accomplishment with a finished project is great.  I even have my daughter going crafty crazy!  We are having a lot of fun.

My list that keeps getting bigger.....cause now I putting stuff on the back too!

I've been eyeballing this Sublime Stitching pattern for some time now
and finally purchased it.  I started last night after putting the kids to bed.

This fox is so cute, I'm going to stitch the hole group.

The hot pads I'm working on, I hope to finish them up tonight.

Just stuff around the house that makes me happy.  I made these origami
guys last winter and finally put them up this winter.

My daughter made this picture with oil pastels.  It sits on my kitchen counter.
Love the color!

 Camellias in a vase  my daughter made in preschool
over 4 years ago.  Still going strong.
 Well that's it for now, hot pads hot pads hot pads!

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