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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yippers for zippers

 I've been fiddling around with a pattern for new pencil pouches and just got to the zipper step, but no zippers.....boooo.  Well how lucky am I that my order came in today just when I needed them!!!  Oh my goodness I'm in zipper heaven♥  Aren't they pretty?!!!
I'm completely giddy over these zippers.  I'm also so happy to have found that it's much cheaper to buy these bad boys at etsy rather than the craft store.  If you need a zipper hook up try www.kandcsupplies.etsy.com .
She also donates a portion of her proceeds to the American Cancer Society.
I did have to go to the craft store though for some new sewing machine needles and of course I also found some cute fabric.  I'm starting to get into the fall groove of things.  So with these fabrics and embroidery patterns, Oh and don't forget the zippers ;) I'll come up with something I'm sure.

I found this beautiful fabric in the dollar bin!!!
       So new pencil pouches in progress.  Aren't they cute!  Will be listing these little suckers in my etsy shop soon!

I just love the heck out of this dang bird!!  Sunshine is our newest bird as of late.  She came over to check me out and see what all my fussing was about.

Well I'm off to do some zipper installations!  Hope your all having a great weekend!

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