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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation photos and stuff!

Well first the stuff!  What I'm working on.  I'm making a quilted/embroidered wristlet.  I'm going with a woodland theme I guess you could say!

Well this is Mount Lassen!  We weren't expecting so much snow.  But it just made hiking a little more interesting :)  We hiked half way up this mountain 1.5 miles up.  But the top half was closed.  We still had gorgeous views.

Then we hit the sulfur pits.  Hey who cut the cheese!?

 How pretty is this stinky pound?!!!
Oh yes!  And here is Cinder cone, that dead volcano I was talking about before on the last post.  We hiked up it, in it and then back down and around it. 

 Here are my kids down in it!
The beautiful Bassey falls

 Our family pic half way up Mount Lassen.
This is just a short post.  Back to work for me :)  Have a great weekend!

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