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Monday, October 3, 2011

The crafter does not fall far from the crafty tree!

It's true!  My little dolly Hanna has been so very busy.  She loves doing crafts with me and absorbs how to do all things crafty just like a sponge!  She has all but mastered the sewing machine.  She embroiders and has just learned the split stitch.  Glue gun..no problem.  Iron...easy.  Making her own patterns..sky's the limit.
This kid amazes me everyday.  So this is a little braggy blog post about her and what shes been making lately.  So I made a fall/Halloween bunting last week.  Well my girl wonder took the scraps and made this adorable micro bunting and hung it on this chest of drawers!  I must admit I like hers better than the one I made.  Simple and cute!
This little squirrel pillow project is when she decided on her own to master the split stitch.  She didn't care for the eye so she put a button on instead. 

Yesterday she wanted to google how to make a 3 dimensional bird.  She found this cute pattern.
Made them herself!  Wow!

 This is her current stitching project.  She drew out first.  The rooster on the fence is blended with red, green and orange. 

 Oh yeah and she paints too.
I love this water color she did.  The house is charming!  Apple tree and whats not to love about a hen with a bonnet :))

She so inspires me!
I hope you all have a great week.

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