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Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween festive!

   So we are starting to really get into the Halloween groove around here.  Lots of decorating happening.  Pulling out some of the old decorations, which I have a ton of.  The kids don't understand...."Why can't we put it all up?", I try to tell them it would be waaaayyy to much stuff.  Needless to say the majority of the decorating happens when they are at school ;)  They love coming home to the house done up Halloween style.  My daughter said,  "Now it feels like Fall!".  I also tried a new decorating idea as well.  That is pretty lame only one new decorating idea because there are so many cool ideas out there.  One is better than none and some times that's what gets the ball rolling.  So I have some pics, a little tour of some of the Halloween stuff around our house.   I love the prints of vintage images on old book pages.  I also love how inexpensive it is!  Visited the thrift store for an old vintage book and then found some great free vintage Halloween clip art here http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/2011/01/vintage-valentine-clip-art-gorgeous.html .  My favorite is the owl.  He is just so cool looking.


I didn't notice until already framed and hung that she is riding her broomstick backwards?!

I just had to trim down the pages to 8.5x 11 to fit my printer.

I found these frames for super cheap at the thrift store.  I thought they looked old.  We drilled holes for jute rope to hang them.
Other creepy corners around my house!  These pics aren't the greatest due to lighting issues.  Oh well!  I must share any way :)  Little coffin mummy,  a handmade little dude with creepy critters crawling about.

A favorite for my kids!

Got this guy at a craft fair way back, I still love him.

Our entry way.

Hand me down vintage pumpkin light.

Kitchen window full of pumpkins.

Vintage paper witch.

Pumpkins we grew ourselves.

Little pumpkins scattered all around our house.

My daughter made a bunch of these little ghosts and we tuck them here and there all around the house.
So that is some of our Halloween festive decorations!  I love to see how other people decorate their homes too.  I hope you all have a great week :)) 

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